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$20/Dozen for a Premium Ball? Cut Golf Balls Review | Blue

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– Can the Cut Blue really perform as well as other premium golf balls on the market at only $20 (or less in quantities) per dozen? Find out in this test where we compare it to the Srixon Z-Star XV with a sand wedge, 6 iron and driver.

Filmed at: Tour Experience Golf
Custom Golf Club Fitting Studio – Toronto, Canada
Featuring: Ian Fraser & Matt Blois

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5 thoughts on “$20/Dozen for a Premium Ball? Cut Golf Balls Review | Blue

  1. Another great video. Been a Snell guy for 2 years now. Direct to consumer stuff can be great.

    A possible topic to cover at some point: Quite a few of the top tour players have switched to steel shafts in their driving irons. Any idea why this might be? Tiger, Rory, Scott, DJ, and others are all using steel.

  2. Hmmm….interesting ! I’m a 150 mph driver ball speed and spin it low 2,000’s which is ideal …BUT my 7 iron averages low 5,000’s ( 32 degree loft ) . Might have to try these out

  3. Question: Which balls are considered as low spin ball with iron beside AVX?
    Thank you so much as always!

  4. Appreciate the review. Would love to see the Cut Grey and both Blue and Grey vs the V1 and V1x. And if you can sneak in the Tour BXS and BX that would be even better. 👍

  5. Great video! Often, I have heard other reviewers desiring approximately 1,000 rpm backspin multiplied by the number of the iron. Would 6,000 rpm backspin be optimal for a 6 iron?

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