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2019 Rules Tested I Rules Of Golf I Golf Monthly

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►In this video, Neil Tappin and the Golf Monthly team look at the new rules of golf for 2019 and discuss what some of the issues might be

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7 thoughts on “2019 Rules Tested I Rules Of Golf I Golf Monthly

  1. I really don’t like the flag in thing. You can’t ask someone to compromise if they want it in or out because if it’s in your head that you want it one way or the other then it will effect your putting. Personally I don’t think I’d mind but I know people that have said they can’t wait and will ALWAYS have the flag in, but I know two people that say they like it out and would never put from within 20 feet with the flag in. It is going to cause hassle on the greens and people walking about by the hole unnecessarily. Law of unintended consequences I’m afraid.

  2. Personally I think reducing the time from 5 to 3 mins is pointless.

    Let’s be honest – it’s people pissing about taking ages because they think they’re on tour that takes so long.

    Saving 2 minutes looking for a ball will make no difference whatsoever.

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