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$350 Vs $22,000 – GOLF LAUNCH MONITORS!

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$350 Vs $22,000 – GOLF LAUNCH MONITORS!
VOICECADDIE SC200 Swing Caddie VS FORESIGHT GCQUAD launch monitor!
PGA Golf Pro Rick Shiels tests the SC200 Swing Caddie up against the market leader in golf the GCQuad! With no strings attached and no silly affiliate links!


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5 thoughts on “$350 Vs $22,000 – GOLF LAUNCH MONITORS!

  1. Would be interested in seeing how the Flightscope Mevo compares to the CG Quad. It’s just a bit more in price from the SC200

  2. Rick, maybe have your high handicapper friend test it out… You know, since us plebeian’s have slower swing speeds and slow ball speeds, it might do a better job higher up.

  3. Dam.., I have a strong feeling that’s what I will be finding under the x-mas tree. Well, it’s still better than what I have currently.., which is nothing.
    If I asked Santa for the GCQUAD.., I would still have nothing. So, I’ll enjoy the Voicecaddy for what it is. Still a whole lot better than nothing.
    Thx Rick & Santa

  4. From the camera view your flop loft looked to be more like 80°. I wonder if you entered that loft would the yardages be closer… Great video!!

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