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A beginners guide to golf course etiquette

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8 thoughts on “A beginners guide to golf course etiquette

  1. Any reason I don’t see for leaving rake in the bunker? I always leave it just outside where I came in and out. Which is a place someone else is likely to be using it….

    1. Gee, my experience with being run over by a head greenkeeper in his tractor(my foot) after being falsely
      accused of entering the course , is in contrast.
      Maybe most golfers at your course have zero respect for themselves as well as the course and hard work
      that goes into maintaining it.
      My experience 30 to 40 years ago was that most people respected the rules, It would not surprise me that today
      most people don’t, like so many things in so many different environments people have lost or don’t have respect for one another anymore.
      The private golf clubs I believe are the major contributor to this as is heavy handed over the top security.
      We need more open public courses that are open to any members of the public to regain the trust and respect
      from the communities in which they reside.

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