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A RUSTY LESSON CONTINUES Part 2 The Oggie Overhaul

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It’s the start of 2019. Happy New Year to you all, and for me it’s time to get back into the swing of things. Quite literally, and once again under the watchful eye of my coach Matt Tucknott Advanced PGA.

Rusty best describes this lesson, which comes to you in two parts.

In this series of regular videos on Big Oggie Golf, I meet up with my original Golf Coach and Mentor MATT TUCKNOTT PGA and we start the process to rebuild my game.

It’s time for me to get more serious and Matt is the best person I know to get my golf back on track

THE OGGIE OVERHAUL is intended to be fun and informative and I hope that as I start to improve my Golfing ability, you will not only see my progress but pick up some ideas about how to improve your own game as well.
There will be interviews, lessons both on ranges and on the course and we will also look at health, and both mental and physical fitness, as well as anything else that might help a golfer improve their potential to play the game better.

Matt is a top class PGA coach and works under the name Cornwall Golf Lessons and can be contacted in various ways below for lessons and advice.


TEL: 07516 637816




I am a newbie golfer, 51 Years old and lets say, hmm a BIG lad… But that doesn’t stop me, I have a passion for the sport and although I have lots to learn I want to prove to people that Golf can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age, size, shape or experience.

BIG OGGIE GOLF is my new channel dedicated to ALL golfers.

We can’t all be professional or scratch standard and many of us will never get close, but we can still have FUN.

So there will be regular Vlogs, Product reviews and Golf Course reviews from around the UK as well as Worldwide.

We will meet many golfers and golf fans along the way and I hope you will get to see things a little differently from the usual Golf Youtube Channels out there.

There will also be lots of fun to be had and once the channel is established regular Competitions for Channel subscribers to take part in.
Golf sometimes gets a bad press and whilst occasionally that might be justified I hope to show it as not quite as stuffy and stereotyped as one would imagine.
There will also be my thoughts on what makes golf seem so stressful for people just starting out, and I will be looking at ways of making that all important first step a little easier.

My Main Camera Canon 80D 18-135mm IS USM lens

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13 thoughts on “A RUSTY LESSON CONTINUES Part 2 The Oggie Overhaul

  1. John, when I am tense swinging at times , I take practice swings with my eyes closed and have even hit golf balls like this on the range. Ask Matt if he thinks this may help you to take some tension out.

      Deffo mate it’s killing my game
      I played Friday and had a decent round I was full of confidence
      Went down the range Sunday and hit every bad shot in the book confidence gone
      Back down the range tomorrow

  2. Agree with Matt, ‘confidence’!! 😉 Same problem I sometimes have, not committed enough because I lose confidence! Great vid though!

    1. Yeah a bad shot can often become a good rescue shot though. I always look for the positive on each hole. 😉 😂 😂

    2. Yes I often pull out of a shot and then what happens… it goes wrong, so yes confidence is key and let’s be honest the worst that can happen and in reality not that often, is a bad shot, well if I don’t go for it then the most obvious result is a bad shot.

  3. Oks you can do this you are twice the player from 6 months ago awesome gig yin on wards and upwards and say hello to mutely tripod for me lol 😂 🏌️‍♂️🏌️‍♂️

    1. Aww bless you my friend. I am trying to Improve every day, both in the quality of my golf and my video making and editing skills. All I need to do with Matt now is make him realise that being a tripod means keeping the camera still and we have cracked it lol

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