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11 thoughts on “BAREFOOT GOLF! – Shawn Clement – Wisdom in Golf

  1. Great Video again! I hope you don’t mind me saying that the muscles of your
    feet can’t perform that way in normal golf shoes? Most feet muscles are
    totally underdeveloped and weak because of stiff and tight conventional

    1. +Frank Mollegaard You are right: Even the greatest athletes very often have
      very weak foot muscles and can’t perform the easiest exercises… The
      problem is that footwear is not designed to the natural shape of our feet
      and they don’t support any natural movement of our feet. Therefore our
      muscles weaken. Almost everybody is born with triangle-shaped feet, with
      the heel as smallest part and toes as the widest. There are very few shoes
      out there which have at least a wide toe box…

    2. +Markus Fraunholz I don’t know about stiff and tight shoes but I’ve always
      used a decent quality runner. One day I took them off to do some rope
      jumping and I was shocked. I could barely jump the rope. Took me a year to
      work up the strength in my feet to get to 20min. All these years the shoes
      were acting like crutches, in a way, for my feet. I don’t use those types
      of runners for rope jumping or running any more.

    1. +Shawn Clement you are welcome. Sam kept his socks on though 🙂 other than
      that he says pretty much what you teach, doesn’t he?

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