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BEGINNER GOLFERS NEED THE RIGHT PUTTER ( Beginner’s Guide to buying Golf Clubs )

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Beginner Golfers need the right Putter

Beginner’s Guide to Buying Golf clubs

As a Beginner Golfer one of the easiest places to save strokes is on the Green. Very few people possess the physical ability or skill to hit a golf ball as far as Jason Day or Dustin Johnson. On the Greens though almost anyone can learn to putt with the same proficiency as either of them. Now the comparison isn’t completely fair because very few of us will play courses with Greens as smooth as the ones these guys play on tour, but you can have the same success on your favourite course’s Greens. If Dustin Johnson can sink a 20 foot putt 10% of the time, then so can you with enough practice and the right Putter.

Finding the right Putter isn’t as easy as it might seem. You need to figure out what type of stroke you have. What style of Putter looks right to you as far as alignment goes. There are even quite a number of different ways to grip the Putter so you will have to play around with those as well. Everyone I play with regularly went through multiple Putters before they found the right one. Even the type of stroke you use can change once you understand why something wasn’t working. It’s for these reasons that I suggest that you try as many possible Putters as you can before purchasing.

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