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5 thoughts on “Best Discs For Beginners

  1. The DD and Innova starter packs are perfect for starters. Don’t even think about a driver with a 10+ rating for speed for a while.

  2. Good advice for newbies! The starter kit is a good idea but to improve your game go out with someone who knows the sport. They can

  3. Is innova mainly what you throw? I know covering more brands can make things confusing and long but dynamic also has a good starter pack to compete with innova. Not saying you need to mention more brands and their molds but a lot of people look past the dynamic starter pack

  4. Love the vids, my only recommendation if you are posting for new people is to let them know that you’re focusing on Innova specifically so that they don’t get the idea that that’s the only brand of discs you know? I used to throw Innova and in the past year I have switched to Trilogy as I have learned more about discs. Just my thought. Again, great vids man, keep it up!

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