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Best Drivers 2019 I Gear Test I Golf Monthly

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► Neil Tappin tests six of his favourite drivers of 2019 – TaylorMade M5, Titleist TS3, Cobra King F9 Speedback, Mizuno ST190, Callaway Epic Flash and PING G410 plus. Which one came out on top?

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5 thoughts on “Best Drivers 2019 I Gear Test I Golf Monthly

  1. I always question their “carry” figures on the GCQuad. This guy doesn’t look like his club speed is anything like 114 mph. I’d say about 105 tops. 114mph is what tour players are doing.

  2. I currently game the Ping G400 Max driver so I don’t think I will be changing this year, but I did hit the Cobra F9 today and it was fantastic. I also love the look of the Mizuno ST190. I’ll hit that one upon it’s release just to see how it feels.

  3. Great review but the difference in shafts and not matching EI profiles has a significant impact on spin rates and launch. With ball speed, club head speed, smash factor, being the same, this confirms what we already know. With the COR limit and CT limit, good strikes on every driver are the same. This test would be better using robots doing controlled mishits all over the face and the same AoA, using the same swing weights and shafts.

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