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Learn more about golf balls in my article here!

Hey guys this is Justin with Golfing tips
for today I wanted to go over

my favorite golf balls for beginning golfers.

Alright so we got so many different options
to choose these days theres so many different

companies coming out with different golf balls
different qualites and all that and know it

can get kind of confusing.

So I wanted to go over real quick what compression
means and how you can use that to determine

what golf ball is best for you.

So compression rate, each golf ball has a
different compression rate.

If you want to look over here at these Crystals
they have a compression rate of 70.

You may see that and be like “what does that

Basically, all you need to know how the golf
ball is going to compress when you are coming

down and make contact with the golf ball.

So depending on how fast or slow your swing
speed is the golf ball is either going to

compress more or not as much depending on
the compression rate of the golf ball.

So for example, if you have a very fast swing
speed you;ll need a compression rate that

is higher.

A good example would be like a Z- Star up
here or something that is a little bit more

expensive but is made for more highly skilled
golfers that have faster club head speeds.

For this video I wanted to go over my favorite
golf balls for beginners so I’m going to give

you three options here that you can look into
down below, I’ll put a link down there so

you can kind of choose for yourself which
one you want to get into but these three have

proven to me time and time again that they
are the best golf balls for beginners.

First up, my favorite golf ball for beginners
is the Titleist Velocity.

It can be used by both men and women and its
compression rate isn’t too high and its not

too low either.

Right in the middle.

So that means that its not too hard of a feeling
of a golf ball and its not too soft.

You can get a lot of spin control on it when
you’re chipping around the green and as far

as distance is concerned, when you hit the
sweet spot with the driver or hit the sweet

spot of your club this golf ball really goes
and I’ve used it with a countless number of

students and they all swear by the Titleist

Next up, for women is the Srixon Softfeel

This is a great golf ball right here, again
that low compression rate is going to help

you maximize the distance so its going to
be for people that have lower swing speeds

lady’s with lower swing speeds and help you
maximize the distance.

You don’t want to be playing a golf ball that
has to high of a compression rate or else

you’re not going to be able to maximize the
compression rate of the golf ball as well.

So this is great first starting point for
any women golfers.

Last but not least up here is the Srixon Q

This is a great option, kind of similar to
the Titleist Velocity has a great feel off

the club face its not too hard of a golf ball
so if you have a slower swing speed this is

great golf ball to start with.

Not too expensive either.

You don’t need to be paying too much if you’re
first starting in golf anyways.

You don’t need those super high-tech golf
balls, because like I said, the more expensive

the golf ball the more likely it has a higher
compression rate and you don’t need that anyway.

The Srixon Q star is a great option if you
are trying to save some money and get the

most our of your golf ball.

Thanks for watching guys.

Hopefully, these three tips can kind of get
you moving in the right direction.

Again, check out my article down below for
more options.

I go over golf balls for beginners, golf balls
for intermediate golfers and then more advanced

as well.

If you are a more advanced golfer or have
a faster club head speed, go ahead and click

that article so you can know exactly which
golf balls are going to help you out on the

golf course.

Thanks guys and I’ll see you next time

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