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Best Utility Irons 2018 | Gear Test | Golf Monthly

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► Golf Monthly Technical Editor Joel Tadman tests five of his favourite Utility Irons launched in 2018 to help your buying decision should you be looking to upgrade.

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11 thoughts on “Best Utility Irons 2018 | Gear Test | Golf Monthly

  1. Really wasn’t apples to apples at all. GAPR was a 2 iron, Ping was a 4. The 3 in between should have been the baseline and the only real, reliable comparison.

  2. Thank you for doing this test! I asked for it in the last 3 wood video.
    Can you help me decide: I need a 4 iron replacement (13 cap) and I hit my 4 iron 190 yards butt need extra forgiveness. Which one suits my game best you think?

    1. Depends what you like the look of and a fitting would be advised but a 20° Srixon Z U85 or GAPR Mid would seem to be good options. Joel

    1. Golf Monthly Joel…..the Cobra Black utility iron was release on April 6th….of 2018…….. it’s the next gen of the original Cobra Utility. The black utility has a forged 455 pwrshell face, CNC milling, and more tungsten towards the toe, the original didn’t. Really wish you guys would have threw this in there as it really does perform well.

  3. A decent review with some good insides. It would have been a better review if you had obtained demo clubs that were all the same loft or at least with only a 1° variance from lowest to highest lofted.

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