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Callaway Epic Flash Drivers | Gear Review | Golf Monthly

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► Golf Monthly technical editor Joel Tadman analyses the looks and performance of the new Callaway Epic Flash drivers for 2019.

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5 thoughts on “Callaway Epic Flash Drivers | Gear Review | Golf Monthly

  1. The USGA and R&A regulate COR in golf clubs to prevent manufacturers from making golf clubs that totally overwhelm golf courses with distance. The current COR limit in golf clubs is 0.830. Any club with a COR measuring higher than .830 is ruled non-conforming.

    The terms “coefficient of restitution” and “COR” came into the mainstream golf lexicon as ultra-thin-faced drivers began to proliferate in the early 2000s. An effect of the thin faces is known as the “spring-like effect” or “trampoline effect”: The face of the driver depresses as the ball is struck, then rebounds, providing a little extra oomph to the shot. A driver that exhibits this property will have a very high COR.

    However, the governing bodies no longer use COR to regulate drivers—they instead use something called “characteristic time” or “CT.” COR and CT measurements do track one another, however. This fact, combined with the fact that manufacturers all build drivers to max out the permitted amount of COR, has caused the term to lose some of its relevance.

    But fairway woods, hybrids, and irons are still regulated using COR measurements.

    In fact there are no new drivers and never will be any new drivers from anyone that will top what is out there now in terms of face hotness and off center hit forgiveness because every company has been at the limit for these performance factors for several years now.

  2. I don’t think the Epic Flash SZ at 8 degrees is a playable setup on course to be consistent for you. Spin under 2000 is good for distance but difficult to control. But those results say it’s another good driver from Callaway.

  3. I probably get the PXG gen2 as it costs now basically the same but looks superb in my opinion. Could you test it as well pls?

  4. Finally a reviewer who has mentioned that stupid grey line on the clubhead! What were they thinking it looks so off putting on what is a great driver but come on looks like a child has drew on it with a crayon

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