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Callaway Epic FLASH Fairways tested Average Golfer

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5 thoughts on “Callaway Epic FLASH Fairways tested Average Golfer

  1. We cannot complain about improvements – I presently play the Callaway Rogue in Dr, 3W and Hybrid – acquired in 2018, I won’t be swapping anytime soon, especially at the prices suggested

  2. Great review Andy, it will be interesting to see if you decide to Bag this 3 Wood. I feel a trip to Chester is on the cards for Feb! May have to warn the Boss that her house keeping money is being cut lol

  3. I’m excited about the design of the face. By changing the thickness of the back of the face they’ve essentially designed a game improvement club. I love my XR16 driver and fairway woods and I will give the new line a try.

  4. I like the looks of the Epic Flash for some reason. They seem to perform well, also. I need a new three wood and Driver this year. Ouch!

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