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6 thoughts on “CAMERON MCCORMICK FIXING MY SWING | Brodie Smith Golf

  1. Sorry it has been so long since my last video. Dallas has been getting absolutely dumped on lately and most courses are flooded and closed the last few weeks. Got a fun 2 man scramble event this Friday! Hopefully will be bringing home the trophy!

    1. i love your videos. it’s like getting a free mini lesson. one thing i’d like to see is probably a follow up lesson with your driver! i noticed your short game touch is pretty good already

  2. What was the score of your first full round, and then compared to now? I just started playing 5 months ago and shot an 82 today (43/39).

    Inconsistent ball striking is my Achilles heel, so thanks for the drill and I’ll try it out tomorrow.

  3. you know what should compete at the Longest drive competition…you’ll do great there…go for it brahh

  4. Yeah well the pro’s stay centered through the shot (hence the pure ball striking), they don’t extend early into the ball (keeping their butt at the line drawn behind their ass throughout the whole swing), their chest is pointing down through impact and they are able to do so because of their hip-, hamstring- and lower back flexibility. Dustin Johnson is WAY open with the hips at impact, whereas Tiger, Rickie, Koepka, Scott and say Spieth are more synced with the rest of the swing.

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