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Danny Willett Swing Analysis 2016 Master’s Winner

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Can you swing like the 2016 Masters winner? Let’s talk about what Danny’s swing looks like and the key points he reaches for this to be. We’ll see what he’s doing to hit the 5 fundamentals of the system and what’s different about his swing. What are the advantages or disadvantages to these and who they may be good for? And finally, the most critical move for lots of power and how Danny approaches these. Let’s get started!

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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11 thoughts on “Danny Willett Swing Analysis 2016 Master’s Winner

  1. Jimmy Dean UK
    Great video went back to my old swing today ‘ early setting ‘ and l was so
    amazed. l dont know why l left it for the my modem swing. Yes there is a
    lot of back spin, so l will try a mid cocking or something in that area.

  2. Very good analysis. However my prediction is that Danny Willett and his
    quirky home made swing will not be heard from very often. That early wrist
    set is painful to watch. I’ve never seen a pro do such a goofy move to
    start his swing.

    1. +Christopher Robinhood Haha, it is a bit unorthodox. I think we will see
      him win more on the PGA. I don’t think he will be a superstar or anything,
      but a good player. Hope your doing well! ~Clay

  3. Clay – love all your current and past Rotary videos. I have SS Radar tested
    both early wrist set and late wrist set swings in my garage and I get same
    swing speed – average of 114 mph with driver and peak of 120-122. I know
    you have said that early wrist set loses speed, but I have found that
    they’re equal. What I did notice with early wrist set is the increased
    amount of spin I add to my shots – especially with irons. I now use a
    mid-set of the wrists because early feels too handsy and late set makes the
    club flop around at top of my backswing. Your other Driver video is also
    spot on. The 2009 – 2011 drivers were the apex of technology. I have Ping
    i15, G15 and G10 with axivcore and Voodoo shafts. I have tested 50+ other
    drivers at my range and nothing beats them for distance or forgiveness,
    with exception of an illegal shaved face driver. The Ping i15 gives me most
    penetrating flight but G15 finds the fairway better than any other driver
    I’ve ever tried.

    1. Awesome!! Glad to hear your hitting well!

      Great point Tom, you can overdo the wrist set either way. It is possible to
      set it too late and go long in the backswing, but I see much fewer people
      do this, and more common is setting early and casting. I talk about that
      move in a video called “Pet the Grass” in the system. As you mentioned, it
      is key! Play well!! ~Clay

    2. +Top Speed Golf – Clay Ballard Late wrist set really makes the club bounce,
      go past parallel and flop at the top for me. My sons and my video pointed
      this out and I couldn’t feel it !! Led to inconsistent shots that I
      couldn’t understand. Early wrist set gave a more downward strike which
      added spin. The mid wrist set seems to give best of both worlds – great
      iron strikes and long driver carries with low spin. Clay – I think you
      should touch on keeping the right wrist bent at impact. (Greg Normans
      secret). Practicing this has helped me immensely and added a lot of power
      to my driver and lower trajectory for my irons. Irons go 15 – 20 yards
      farther now,

    3. +Tom Settles Nice swing speed Tom! Thats ripping it! How does it look on
      camera when you do an early set and a late set? Is there a noticeable
      difference? I don’t think that the early wrist set makes much difference,
      if, and a big if, as long as you don’t fully set the wrists until the
      downswing to get maximum lag. Danny sets them about 75% on the way back and
      does the rest on the way down, which is fine. When I see most players early
      set, they do 100% right away and then cast coming down. Hope that makes
      I would think if you are getting those speeds, you probably already have
      good lag.
      Haha, that is funny. I use a Ping I15 with an axivcore 69X shaft. We
      probably have the same club!
      Play well!

  4. I love your videos.
    Surprised that he has “little” shoulder turning, not bad distance for his
    size (290 avg)
    keep it up!

    1. +carles palau Yeah, he hits it pretty hard. The guy is in great shape. A
      little extra turn and he would be smashing them like Rory! Play well! ~Clay

    1. +Peter Burch Thanks. He seems like an awesome guy. Looking forward to
      watching him more on Sundays! ~Clay

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