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Driver Tee Height Golf Lesson

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Driver Tee Height Golf Lesson with National Club Golfer talking about tee shots and how to improve your golf game. Mark Crossfield PGA professional is talking golf tee shots and tee height around lowering your scores on the golf course. Play your best golf with simple and effective golf lessons, tips and drills with AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield.

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5 thoughts on “Driver Tee Height Golf Lesson

  1. Great video Mark. Only thing I could think to add is to use the creases in
    your fingers to tee the ball to a consistent height. For instance, my
    standard tee height is the 2nd crease (middle knuckle) of my index finger.
    Occasionally, I might tee it about 1/4″ lower if I’m trying to lower the
    flight or hit it with a more neutral or descending attack angle.

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