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8 thoughts on “Efil golf Ep 110 Callaway Epic Driver “Driver Magic” 12-23-2018

  1. I pray no one watches YouTube “golf instruction” videos like this and take it seriously. Go see yoir local PGA professional!

    1. Ryan Evans In tennis, baseball, hockey… any sports where you use an object to hit a ball… during train, people focus on body setup, position, movement and weight shift. Strike surface is never a subject of focus or even a side note. Strike face direction does not matter in those sports. why are golfers so obsessed with it? Why is golf any different?

    2. And pray to who? The golf gods? The golf gods will look at you funny. The golf gods will say at least Efil Golf is thinking outside of the box in regarding this “Stupid yet the greatest game on Earth- the word” Thou should improve. You all have saying the something over and over.

    3. And also why do you right away assuming I am wrong. We are all students of the game! Why don’t we learn from each other.

    4. PGA established in 1916, Equipment company is building “Ferraris”golf equipment all the time. USGA average score 90 to 95 that’s assuming people scoring correctly in my estimation the average score is 105. So… what happened in over 100 years. No body is improving. You tell me!? Remember par is 72. In 100 years the average score now should at least be 85! So…

  2. hello elfi. I appreciate your video and the way you teach.
    But concerning the laws trajectory we have been told these last years that the ball start in the “D plane” .
    So tell us more about the “D plane theory” and what you think about it . ..
    You have to realise that this contradictions can be very confusing for us!!!!!!

    1. I spend some time on all the “D plane” YouTube videos. It’s nothing new, all they are talking about is the impact zone or the impact position. If you are not a single digit handicap player, all the D plane talk won’t do you any good. it will just confuse you. We at Efil Golf refer it to as the 3rd stage of learning golf.

      -0-stage: Ground zero, You don’t know what you don’t know
      1st Stage: Power Struggle, Mechanical(Release Stress and Tension), Swing Path, You know what you don’t know.
      2nd Stage: Speed and Distance Control, Feel(Zip & Pressure), Club-head Speed, Conscious Competence.
      3rd Stage: Spin and Trajectory Control, Artistry(Imagination), Face Angle, Unconscious Competence.
      D plane is somewhere tagging along in the 3rd Stage, somewhere…

      The Sad truth is that most armature players or golfers never gotten beyond 1st Stage. Avg. Score is laughable but I am not laughing ;(
      That’s why Efil Golf is needed in the world.

       And they all say “hit down on the ball” and “hit up on the ball” In my honest opinion anyone who even say such things should not be teaching golf in the modern days.
      What they are saying is that “D plane” is the combination of swing plane and face angle (impact zone or impact position). However no one ever mentions anything RE: Club-head Speed
      which is one of the most important elements of the golf swing. Do you know why? Also as you can see in this episode, I’ve proof that the swing path dictates the direction of the ball. and also you can see in the video with slow club head speed it won’t work. Believe me the people who talks about D plane will be as confused as you are (maybe more) when they see my videos

      I look forward doing the next video regarding “D plane” it’s not a secret, they are all only scratching the surface.

      Here is a hint for all EFIL Golf members: In an ideal golf world, a split path with number 2 spin and with correct usage of energy and the club head speed it can go left ,and, or right.
      In a no brainer golf world, a left arm path with number 1 spin and with correct usage of energy and club head speed, you can play all day, but can’t win you The MASTERS.
      In Tiger’s golf world, right arm path with number 3 spin gets the job done!

    2. Yes I understand where you are coming from. Believe me the people who talks about D plane will be as confused as you are when they see my videos. “Efil golf is saying the earth is round, but they are telling you the earth is flat.”Don’t worry I will do a video on this matter. That’s why Efil Golf is needed in the world.

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