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7 thoughts on “FIND YOUR SWING PLANE – Shawn Clement – Wisdom in Golf

  1. Before the 6 minute mark, Shawn discusses setting up for the draw and fade,
    His main point there is a reminder for all to let your set up match your
    picture or intention!

  2. Hi Shawn – I saw how you primed yourself for the swinging of the hammer?
    The handle of the hammer was aligned with your right forearm and you seemed
    to be setting up for impact. So why don’t we do the same with the golf
    shaft at address? The posture, stance and balance points would be virtually
    the same , just a higher left wrist (less wrist cock) would enable the
    clubshaft to align quite easily with the right forearm. Wouldn’t setting up
    on the impact plane make the WIG swing path less variable?

    1. For some, their anatomy makes this happen naturally; for others like
      me,mnot so much! Depends on the individual and how their anatomy will allow
      them to move!

  3. Love your videos and am a member of the premium channel.
    I had a track man lesson a week or so ago and found out that I was swinging
    out to the right 8° with my face angle 4° to the right. I obviously have a
    problem with hooking and pull hooking the ball. Do you believe this is the
    drill for me to use to correct this issue? Thanks.

    1. Yes, start by hitting some fades to balance out the feel of the swing and
      see “stay with your shot shawn clement”

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