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Golf for Beginners – Ben Hogan’s Right Knee Backswing Tip (From Golf’s #1 Instruction System – RST)

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Ben Hogan believed that the position of the right knee throughout the backswing was very important. From a biomechanics stand point, he was absolutely right!

If you’re struggling with losing power in your golf swing and find it difficult to use your lower body during the transition, you need to watch the drill in the link above that will teach you how the Pro’s coil up over the right leg.

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6 thoughts on “Golf for Beginners – Ben Hogan’s Right Knee Backswing Tip (From Golf’s #1 Instruction System – RST)

  1. When I searched for `Ben Hogan – running the right knee` your site came up
    and of course I checked it out. I read somewhere (in `Afternoons with Mr.
    Hogan?`) that he said that one of his secrets was to cup the left wrist at
    the top to be able to maintain a straight left arm and to `run the right
    knee at the ball` as opposed to whipping the hips around as the first move
    from the top (from the BOOK.) I`ve been doing this for the last 5 years and
    it took that long to be able to do it consistently but now I experience
    very few rhythm, timing or tempo problems (also applying John Novosel`s
    Tour Tempo.)
    Hogan said that when wanted to hit it hard he`d run the knee faster and
    would adjust distances for a particular club with the speed of the right
    knee `run.` Everyone I`ve shown this technique to can`t do it and dismiss
    it immediately. They can`t see having their weight on that leg and `running
    the knee at the ball` but when I throw a baseball, the first power move I
    feel is a right leg/knee kick and only then followed by the left foot plant
    (with or without hip slide – Hogan vs Snead) and then the hip turn.

    I`d like to know more about this obscure Hogan `secret.` If you have any
    insights, I`d really appreciate it. BTW, pronation/supination; rolling the
    face open; stance to 11 o`clock-shoulders to 1 and slinging the club head
    (in to square to in) into a pulled fade, and many other `secrets` the `best
    ball striker the game has ever known` (or words to that effect by Nicklaus
    upon the great man`s passing) have been explored but I see very few
    comments on `running the right knee at the ball` (apparently Hogan`s own
    words.) Any insights? Oh, and great video

    1. +Nati Phoebe A lot of what hogan taught was revolved around what worked for
      his golf swing. A bulk of this info would be very hard for us to comment on
      fairly, as RST is very different. The movement of the right knee in the
      downswing can cause issues like hip spinning, early extension of the spine,
      cause your lead hip to get beyond neutral joint alignment, which can put
      stress on the lead knee and hip. So, with that said, we will stand clear of
      discussing what hogan used as his right knee downswing tips.

  2. THE most important first step in building an accurate and powerful swing.
    It is impossible to develop correct feels elsewhere in the body if this
    isn’t correct. Great tip!

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