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GOLF: How To Make The Perfect Backswing – Left Arm

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How To Make
The Perfect Backswing
– Left Arm —


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The left arm has to two main functions in the backswing. One of them is the rotation piece and one of them is how far across your chest versus how vertical it goes.

When I talk about left arm rotation, I’m talking about how much does your arm rotate or not rotate. So, when I go back, should I rotate my arm a lot? Should I not rotate my arm a lot or should I find some kind of middle ground?

When I talk about depth of the left arm I’m talking about how far in across my chest or how much around me should my left arm go. Should it work more up or should it go in between?

Arm rotation has a lot to do with the back swing plane. The more I rotate my left arm during the backswing, the more open the clubface. That also then means the less I rotate my arm during the backswing, the more closed the clubface. Arm rotation also dictates where the club goes relative to my hands. If I rotate my arm a lot the club head goes inside of my hands. The third part is it dictates the plane of your backswing. That is, if I rotate my arm the most, the plane of the club would be more horizontal or flat. Ninety percent of you watching this should have less arm rotation.

How much forearm rotation should I have? I should have enough so that from address to the takeaway position, the club head is even with – or just outside – my hands. I should have enough where the club face is just slightly turned down and enough so when I get to lead arm parallel, the shaft is more towards vertical than horizontal.

The second part is depth of the arms and hands. This one is more kind of straightforward. You should go right in between. It will be about 45 degrees. So, by the time I get to the top of my backswing, I would like my left arm to be more or less on my shoulder plane. At the top of the backswing, most really good players have the butt of the club pointing somewhere between the middle of their right foot and their right heel.

Many people that I see feel they need to be really connected and really deep and I see a lot of people overdo that. When you measure good players when they go back, there’s more lift to the left arm of better players typically than amateur player.

So those are some reference points. Find out where you are and the adjustment on the opposite side.


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9 thoughts on “GOLF: How To Make The Perfect Backswing – Left Arm

  1. Hi Eric, first of all let me thank you from me and many others for the live chat you gave, But may I point out that the questions put to you could not be heard unless I turned the sound up, but then that leads to you being too loud! May I suggest Mary stands closer to you so we all hear what questions are being asked. One question I caught onto was how long a backswing should one take, I liked your answer as I am only 5 feet 5 and 67 years of age and have a short backswing, but with lots of wrist action, yet I am up besides the young duds who have fabulous full backswings! I just love listening to your honesty in your videos which does not hold back from the truth and you getting the message over! You said you go on tour, do you have dates in Scotland? I would love to attend if you are coming here! Many thanks Eric for all the hard work you do in bringing us all this information on better golf swings, am sure I speak for many others out here! Your a star!

  2. Great explanation, as usual. Would you recommend a cupped wrist at address and maintaining that cup to at least waist-high in order to hold off an inside move?

    1. For most yes…will still be in slight extension during takeaway. Some guys with more neutral or weaker grips like to “curl under” on the way back and take the extension out right away

  3. For a player with average clubhead speed, using some arm rotation from backswing parallel to the top still seems the way to go to me.

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