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GOLF: How To Master The One-Piece Takeaway

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How To Master
The One-Piece Takeaway

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In this video we’re going to talk about how to master the one-piece takeaway. So what does one-piece takeaway mean? From address into my takeaway the shoulders, arms, and wrists are working together simultaneously. The other critical factor in the one-piece takeaway is that the segments work collectively together and they work at the same rate. It’s like one package.

Why is this important? Probably more than half of all swing faults I see stem from something that happened in the takeaway. The most common fault would be forearm roll.

I have three drills for the one-piece takeaway.

Drill #1: For the first version of this drill, I’m going to take my setup to a golf ball. I’m going to put a second golf ball about a foot behind the first ball. From face on, the second ball is about even with the middle of my right foot.

My goal here is I want the club head and the grip in my hands to move back at the same rate. That means if the club head has moved back three inches, the grip has moved back three inches. By the time I get to the second ball, you’ll see the butt of the club is pointed just inside my right thigh .

For the second version of this same drill, the second ball goes from a foot behind the main golf ball to right behind it. This actually works even better if you have a heavier object right immediately behind it – like a basketball or something heavier. It would create that feel even better because you’re going to really feel like those hands are moving more with the club. In this version, I’m going to try and push and roll the ball back in the early phases of my takeaway. I can even hit balls with that.

You should be doing drills and looking for a feel of a certain position or movement that you’re working on. You should not be worried about how you hit the ball.

Drill #2: I’ve got sticks on the ground. I’ve got to stick on my toe line and I have a second stick, which is roughly at about 30 degrees. My goal during my takeaway is the club head and hands move about the same rate to about my right thigh By the time the club head gets 45 degrees from the ground, the club head would be on that 30 degree mark or stick. So I pause at my right thigh, pause at the 30 degree stick, and then make a swing from there.

Drill #3: This one I was taught when I was like little. You take your club and when you grip it, you’re going to grip down the shaft about halfway down the club to the point where the butt of the club sticks in about at your belly button or middle stomach. I’m going to grip it so it’s touching my stomach. I’m going to take a setup down to the golf ball and do my turn. I love this for about the first half of it until about that 30 degree stick, and then from there I want you to take that club off your stomach and get the shaft feeling vertical. So you just got a little two for one I’m going to do a takeaway to that halfway back point. From there, I’m going to get that club shaft working vertical.

So, there’s 3-1/2 (or 3-1/4) drills for one-piece takeaway. All the segments moving together at the same time, connected. It’s important so that you set yourself up for everything else during your backswing.

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  1. Thanks Eric … great video as always … it will be possible to make a video about the swing in fairway bunker …. I have read that it is the hardest … Thanks

  2. Great drills Eric.
    Your right, every year with the “Belly Button Drill” the club does seem to get further away.
    Time to work on diet and fitness drills also.
    Thanks for all of your efforts with helping us all with your videos.

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