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GOLF – How To Shallow Your Downswing Master Class

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How To Shallow Your Downswing Master Class


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On Friday, November 16th, 2018 we’re going to launch our SHALLOW YOUR DOWNSWING MASTER CLASS Product. What we’ve been doing over the past couple of months as we’ve been doing these shallow videos and getting a lot of your feedback is realizing, hey, we need to take all these videos and put them in a sequential order. We need to take all of the best stuff about how to shallow your downswing and we need to put it in a step-by-step process where you guys can learn how to do it. Typically, we put up one shallow video and then it’s a month later, we do another one – it’s a little random. This is going to be a product that you can purchase that will give you everything sequentially.

When someone comes in to see me and they have a steep downswing pattern, the first thing that I like to have them do is learn how to shallow their arms and hands and club first. I take the body out of play so they can just learn the arms and hands and club.

I literally feel the club laying down with my arms and hands. I’m not doing that by opening my body. I’m not doing that by shifting pressure. I’m going to feel the club falling behind me and I’m going to be doing that with forearm rotation and wrist conditions. Nothing else matters until your brain starts to learn what it’s like to get the club head working that way.

When you watch a good golfer, their arms and hands are starting to come down as their body turns. I’ve talked about the arms staying up and opening up through rotation and that’s good, but in reality, your arms and hands do have to come down some amount.

As a drill, I want you to come back in really slow motion, get a feel of getting the club to lay down and then add a little speed at the bottom and hit some shots. Because you’re shallowing out the angle of the club, you may very well hit some thin and hit some fat in the beginning.

When you go to the top and you’re trying to get your arms and hands down really quick to create speed, your shaft is in all likelihood going to be too steep. A key part to doing this downswing part is literally feeling like you’re going extra slow motion. How can you pull down if you’re moving your arms and hands at zero miles an hour?

I want you to take speed completely out of it. It’s really key, in the first foot or so, for you to go in extra slow motion. You are shallowing the club with your wrist conditions and forearm rotation and then adding a little bit of speed at the bottom.

So, what you’ll learn in the SHALLOW YOUR DOWNSWING MASTER CLASS is that is going to be the beginning phases of learning how to shallow the club.

If you’ve been too steep for any period of time, you need to completely lose any fear or negative idea that this club head falling behind you is bad or that you’re not supposed to shallow the club with your arms and hands. Your sole objective is to get rid of the steep. It doesn’t matter if it falls too far behind you. It doesn’t matter if you do with your arms and hands. It doesn’t matter if you hit some fat or thin. You must change that one part to get your golf game to the next level.


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9 thoughts on “GOLF – How To Shallow Your Downswing Master Class

  1. Hey everyone! Check back on Friday for more on shallowing your downswing. Block off 12pm EST Friday for a LIVE Q & A if you can! IF not, it will be recorded and you can watch it later.

    I’m excited to introduce our Shallowing Your Downswing Masterclass. There is over an hour of brand new content and more importantly a step by step process to follow for all of you who have been steep forever! I’m telling ya I can fix that.

    See you guys there!

  2. Thanks for the tips, need to know the feels of the hands when shallowing. Maybe will be covered in the Master Class. As you have stated feels are quite helpful in development.

    1. I don’t have any slow motion but I’m sure I can get some. Check out Kelvin Miyahira if you want to see slow mo..he has some video with a phantom camera.

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