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GOLF: How To Stop Hitting Fat Shots

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How To Stop
Hitting Fat Shots

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The first thing I typically do with someone who hits fat shots is I place an object behind the ball. In this video, I’ve got a towel that I rolled up about three times. It’s maybe two inches high off the ground and I put it about a grip and a half, maybe a grip and two golf balls behind the ball. No perfect science here. I didn’t measure that relative to like angle of attack. It’s just about a ballpark of what I would normally use. If I make a swing where my angle of attack is steep enough and my low point is forward enough, I will miss the towel and It should prevent the fat shot.

What we’re doing here is just trying to gather feels. When you take your normal setup and that towel is there, you might run right into the towel right away. In the takeaway you might feel like, during your downswing that really feels like it’s coming steeper into the ball. Whatever you feel, that’s fine. There is no perfect feel here.

There are three different reasons people hit fat shots.

The first reason has to do with the weight or pressure in the feet. During my setup, backswing or downswing, at any point, if I have more weight to my right or more pressure in my right foot, the odds of me hitting a shot increase.

Where the pressure is in your feet, throughout your swing dictates where the club is going to hit the ground. If from the top, I’m at 50/50, but I stay too far back on my right side too long, the odds of me hitting behind the ball increase.

Reason number two, for hitting behind the ball has to do with rotation. Where my chest or sternum points relative to the ground, is a big influencer of where my club head is. If you can get your sternum pointed forward of the golf ball with your irons, it helps move your low point. If I’m hitting fat shots, I want to feel that I’m trying to get my shirt buttons or chest forward of the golf ball and rotated in front of the golf ball.

The third reason for hitting fat shots has to do with the arms and hands. You can potentially eliminate hitting fat shots by adding left wrist bow, having your right wrist bent back at and point and by keeping your right arm bent.

Use the options in this video as a checklist. You are not supposed to do ALL of the stuff I recommend in this video to stop hitting fat shots. You should try to figure out why you hit the ball fat and then work your way backwards from there.


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  1. Eric. Good vids, just wondering with the arms, do you lock them out as they hang or do you slight twist so the elbows are turned out a bit if that makes sense

    1. Eric Cogorno Golf it’s hard to explain when u have straight arms when addressing the ball do u lock the arms and slightly twist the elbow out a bit

  2. What exactly is a fat shot? Tip for next video: state what exactly the term means that you are using. I golf by myself a lot and Im unfamiliar with certain terms.

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