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  1. Back from my holiday Robin and so happy to watch your videos! I totally unplugged for 5 days. Barely watched any TV and am a better man for it! These lesson videos never get old man and IMHO you should continue to do them. You have come so far with your coaching! Well done! So happy to hear that you’re coming over for the PGA Show. Ill contact you on email. Would love to book a lesson with you. Congrats on your success. You so deserve it! Eagerly awaiting your next video.

  2. Mate i played me 1st round after injuring me back “Heel Hooking the Coffee Table “. I did not try the “No Look Shot”. But what i did use from your Vids is ” Left foot Right foot ” Holding the club so i could feel the weight of the bastard, i also concentrated on my Finish.

    The results were quite pleasing , i was able to find the middle of the driver face ( 30-40 yards longer ) with a much easier swing. I was able to get my weight off my left foot ( something i have never been able to do ).
    80 % of my iron shots were what i would call ” Well Struck”.

    The score was 10 shots worse than my normal score ( Mid 80’s ) but that would be down to my distances with each club being fucked up from what i normally get .

    1. Hahaha oh man I’m glad the coffee table didn’t get the better of you in the end Liam!! Sounds like a very good problem you have on your hands there, sir! Let your feet do the talking and the ball just travels effortlessly, right? 😏

  3. AWESOME VIDEO ROBIN! You are the real deal mate! I believe the PGA are sorry you quit, their loss is the rest of us’s gain! Best move you ever made kid. Shot my best round yesterday a 59……although it was for 9 holes I broke my record fanks to U mate!

    1. Haha this is what I love to hear!!! Keep at it my man can’t wait to hear about you coming in with sub 50’s then sub 40’s for your future 9 hole pilgrimages sir. Haha well that’s on them ✌️couldn’t agree more though it’s the right move for a lot of people- but for me it was for sure the best decision to leave.

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