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Golf Lessons – Stop scooping and hit solid iron shots

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Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – So many players struggle to hit solid iron shots because they are unable to get the club into a good position at impact. Too often I see the shaft leaning away from target at impact rather than towards target. This error is often termed scooping.

In less skilled players, this issue is often routed in a misunderstanding of how to get the ball in the air. The player is often trying to “help” or lift the ball into the air rather than allowing the club to contact the turf and thus letting the loft on the club get the ball in the air.

With better players the scooping action is more a result of poor swing mechanics – the body rotation slowing too soon and thus allowing the club to pass the hands prematurely and thus causing the shaft to lean back at impact rather than forward.

In this video I share a process that will help you accomplish a forward shaft lean at impact. You will learn to gain more control over the way in which you contact the ball and thus hit more solid golf shots.

Now that you are hitting more solid iron shots you may want to consider hitting your drives longer To learn how to achieve that check out this video

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3 thoughts on “Golf Lessons – Stop scooping and hit solid iron shots

  1. I find that on an artificial surface range my wrists and arms will feel
    pain from hitting the carpet heavy. On natural grass ranges there is more
    give because of the divot. Any tips on hitting a cleaner and less painful
    shot off carpet? I find I top my shots more on carpet as I subconsciously
    don’t want that reverberation feeling.
    thanks for reading … and for the great videos.

    1. +DerekHooperGOLF thank you for the great response. I like the gradual tee
      reduction idea. Balance is probably an issue. Will take your advice. Keep
      on making excellent videos!

    2. +札幌ジェイ The solution will be to hit less ground at both the range and on
      grass. Without seeing your swing, it sounds like there is a good chance you
      are losing your levels, or lowering your body too much somewhere in your
      swing. A good drill to keep you taller and shallow out your divots is to
      start by hitting balls off low tees working to hit the ball and tee only.
      Then slowly graduate by slowly lowering the tee further until you can hit
      balls off the ground and take a more shallow divot.

      I hope that helps and all the best with your golf game.

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