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Golf Lessons – Stop Shanking Your Golf Shots

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Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – There is nothing more disturbing to a golfer than to make a full swing at a ball with the expectation of seeing the ball fly towards the target, yet only to see the ball shoot off way right of target, low to the ground and disappear into the junk – a shank.

It can be such a terrible feeling to hit a shank that I meet many players who won’t even utter the word out loud for fear of it showing up in the their own game. The truth is that to hit a shank you have only missed the middle of the clubface by about ¾ of an inch. Not a whole lot. Unfortunately ¾ at impact is a lot.

There are a number of ways to hit the shank and in this video I explain the most common cause as well as share a simple drill that I have found to cure this shot in almost every instance.

Now that you have solved your shanking problem you will want to how to hit more powerful iron shots to take full advantage of your center face strikes. To learn how to achieve that check out this video

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