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Golf Lessons – Turn your slice into a draw

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Golf Lessons with Derek Hooper – The most common ball flight error is the slice – a ball that curves from left to right for a right handed player. I get so many requests from players who want to turn their slice into a draw, as a draw flies a little straighter and longer than their usual slice.

Too many players struggle to stop slicing their golf shots because they do not have a good understanding of what causes the ball to curve the way it does. Once they get an understanding of how the club face and swing path interact at impact, the player can usually make a fairly quick adjustment and start to produce much straighter golf shots.

In this video I outline a very simple drill that will have you drawing the ball pretty quickly. This drill is one I use very often with players and when they take the time understand the theory behind the drill, then work slowly through the skill progressions they can start to hit draws.

It may seem like a very simple drill but it is very powerful and gets results. I am certain it will get results for you too.

Now that you are hitting the ball much straighter, you might like to add a little more distance to your shots. Check out this video to learn how to hit more powerful iron shots

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7 thoughts on “Golf Lessons – Turn your slice into a draw

  1. My issue with this great drill is I tend to have my shoulders open, which
    adds to the slice. When I force my shoulders right, I feel very
    uncomfortable. Maybe I just need time to get used to this. I swear I need a
    front end alignment. Thanks for the great lesson.

    1. +oblivionjaycee Yes, you can use the same drill with a driver. But please
      use tees instead of golf balls. If you clip a ball on the extreme toe or
      heel of a driver you could dent the club head.

      All the best with your golf game.

  2. Tried this and it is so easy to get the club through the “gate”.
    I tried it around 50 times before I hit a ball.
    The ball had a better flight and was straight with tiny bit of draw.

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