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GOLF: Pure Your Irons LIke The Pros

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Pure Your Irons
Like The Pros

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So, let’s talk about how and why the pros pure their irons. Beyond the obvious that they practice a lot and they’re very talented, what do they actually do with their body, the arms and the club to pure their irons. In this video, I want to focus specifically on how they use their body in space.

One of the pieces the pros do really well is forward flexion. By forward flexion I mean if I were to stand up straight and then bend over so my chest is getting closer to the ground that would be forward flexion.

The pros actually get their chest closer to the ground than amateur golfers. That is, their chest goes more down and the angle between their legs and their upper body gets smaller during the downswing than our angle.

Not only are they really good with the forward flexion, the pros are also really good with right side bend. So if we were to look from the down the line angle, as I get to impact, not only is my chest down, but I also have a bunch of right side bend – sort of a crunch there where my shoulder is more down towards the ground.

Both of those elements help me shorten my right arm, which is another commonality amongst great ball strikers. So if I add those two feels together, I’m going to get a sense that my chest is closer to the ground and I’m going to have a sense that my right shoulder is closer to my right hip. Anyone that I’ve ever seen that has a lot of forward bend during the downswing and a lot of right side bend plays good golf.

If I align my body and orient my body with those two pieces for flex in my side and side bend, it also makes my arm and hand structure really good. If during the downswing my chest gets farther from the ball and I stand up, I have to straighten my right arm. I have to fully release my wrist angles just to get the club down to the ball. If I straighten my right arm and I fully release my wrist angles, there goes my shaft lean, there goes my dynamic loft, my shots are not hit solid, they go high.

But, If my chest gets closer to the ground it makes it really easy for me to now have my right arm bent and have really good wrist conditions to get the club more forward.

Chest down and right side bend also go along with rotation. Those are really the three keys to what the pros do – forward flexion, right side bend and rotation. When you put those three things together, if there is a secret to consistent ball striking, that’s it.

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5 thoughts on “GOLF: Pure Your Irons LIke The Pros

  1. Another great video! Like I’ve said, if the body is steep, there is no choice but to shallow the club. Quick question, during the backswing, how long do you turn with the pelvis maintaining the ‘tucked under’ C-posture feel that you start with at address? At what point in the swing do you lose it? I find it very difficult to reflex in downswing when the lower back has the “S” posture.

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