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Golf shoulder turn and tilt

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Describing golf shoulder turn and tilt should be fairly easy. Looking at what happens when the shoulders turn and tilt looks a lot more complex.

As you’ll see from the video your golf shoulder turn is affected by your hip movement, which makes your shoulders tilt. This keeps the club moving on the correct path.

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6 thoughts on “Golf shoulder turn and tilt

  1. I have a hard time with shoulder plane,if I exaggerate it, I reverse pivot. David Ledbetter gave advise saying to take your posture without a club ,put arms down each side of body and tilt your left hand straight down towards your knee

    1. +rackum44 That means your shoulder turn is too steep. In that case, your shoulders aren’t turning at right angles to your spine.

    2. +Peter Knight Golf I’m sorry I sometimes reverse pivot on the backswing not the downswing that’s if I try to get me left shoulder working down and under my chin

    3. If you reverse pivot it is probably because you are letting your upper body tilt away from the target rather than just moving your hips toward the target. You can check this by watching for head movement away from the target.

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