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Golf – When And How To Hinge The Wrists

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Golf – When and how to hinge the wrists. Alistair Davies golf shares with you how to work the wrists like the best players using best practice. Learn the correct hinge and setting movements of the wrist right here in under 3 minutes.


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9 thoughts on “Golf – When And How To Hinge The Wrists

  1. Hi Al…I think you know how I enjoy your videos. This one is something to give careful thought. I understand the early set and it certainly helps to get the club in a proper position at the top. The danger, as I see it, is to lose extension in the backswing which would narrow ones arc. Your better players will understand this. Just sharing my thought. Jim

  2. I am naturally a late cocker, but will give this bit of advice a try on the range and then the course today.

  3. Alistair do you hinge the wrists as quickly as the iron with the driver. Like everyone else looking for distance

  4. Great video, Al. I’ve experimented with an early wrist set myself but whenever I try it, I end up with a severe cupping in my left wrist. I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts on how to achieve an early set whilst also flattening out the left wrist.

    1. Thanks Ross, key is to feel the lead arm rotate correctly to the top and the lead wrist flattens. Al

  5. Would creating pressure in your right index finger on your backswing be a good feel for properly cocking/hinging your wrists? Thx. Tom

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