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Golfer asks about extension and leg action in the golf swing

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– How to get extension in your backswing? It’s really about turning properly. Our subscriber asked about leg action, and I hope this explains it!

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Mike is a golf pro in Raleigh NC. Mike Sullivan teaches golf to players of all abilities in Raleigh NC. Mike also provides corporate golf lessons all over the United States at PGA Tour Tournaments.

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5 thoughts on “Golfer asks about extension and leg action in the golf swing

  1. Obviously you see I have two passions golfing and mountain biking…lol
    Thanks so much Mike for the great tips and drills will get to work practicing these.
    I will work on getting some video to you in the next couple of weeks so you can see what’s going on firsthand.

  2. Hi Mike, I notice that on your back swing your head moves to the right, so many coaches emphasis about keeping the head centred around an axis and moving it right is a no-no… personally I find keeping it centred hard with a full extended back swing, is this something for a fit and supple 25-30 year old and us more mature players (I’m an active 63) can have a little head movement, although not a sway?…thanks, enjoy your content…Ian (UK)

    1. +Mike Sullivan appreciate your response, put into play longer extension today with much improved shot making especially with hybrid…look forward to your next video.

    2. Hi Ian, that’s a great comment. Ideally, we would have a very steady head and turn on a constant axis as you mentioned. When you look at most tour players, you’ll see how steady, and almost still their head is. When I’m playing or practicing, my head is usually a lot steadier than when I’m demonstrating a correct pivot. This is because I tend to exaggerate the tilt of my torso during the backswing (because I want to be sure not to come close to a reverse pivot). 

      Unfortunately, it’s very easy for golfers to fail to make a good pivot if they’re concentrating on keeping their head still, and it’s also very common for them to fail to transfer weight onto their front foot during their downswing, usually because of “keep the head down” type of thoughts.

      It would be best if someone could keep their head centered around that axis, but I’d much rather see their head slide back a bit, than have them make a reverse pivot in their backswing. Your comment is right on the money, I hope my explanation makes sense. Thank you for the thoughtful comment.

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