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Graphite V Steel shaft in Irons? Game changer?

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This week I compare graphite shaft to steel shaft in irons using the Titleist AP3 head, custom fit golf clubs may have a new option.

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5 thoughts on “Graphite V Steel shaft in Irons? Game changer?

  1. Thanks for the video, good subject. After playing Pings and Titleists with steel shafts, mostly KBS Tour, for a long time, I recently went back to my old 1990’s Cobras with graphite shafts. I play very nicely with them, AGAIN, LOL. The thing is that the graphite shafts are more shock aborbing and therefore there is less wear and tear on my arms, shoulders, and chest muscles. I can play everyday and not experience a lot of fatigue. I would say that steel shafts are a bit more consistent, but then I am not playing in championships like the young guys do. My graphite shafted irons are great for what I do and they allow me to play everyday without a lot of stress on my body.

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