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11 thoughts on “HOW CAN YOU CHARGE £150 FOR A GOLF LESSON!?

  1. PS>> I have 5 kids so its kind of hard to ship ur ass over here to the states!!! LMAO!!… but if you do ever come abroad hit me up!

  2. its called SUPPLY AND DEMAND!!! period.its worth whatever someone’s willing to pay!!!! From cars, to baseball cards, tattoos to comics etc etc……. make whatever you can MATE!…….from the other side of the pond.

    1. Darren v appreciate it!!! Hopefully it’ll encourage groups as well so venues get more range balls bought for ‘em and people get a cheaper lesson!

  3. Robin you are amazing. Played today with a massive hangover. Normally that would result in a shit round but today using your techniques i shot a very steady +4 76 in windy conditions. Thanks dude 😎😎👍👍🥇🏆

    1. Monty7375. Fucking mint mate 😂 hangovers are legit serious contenders when it comes to golf course conditions!

  4. Tried the no-look on the range yesterday. Struggled with the irons but hit the hybrid and the fairway-wood pure like never before! From the mat with no tee-peg.

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