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hey guys this is Justin with golfing
tips for today I wanted

to go over how much does a golf club or
golf sets cost when you’re looking to

buy so today I’m going to go over what
you can expect to pay for either new

iron sets new drivers new putters new
wedges and kind of give my

recommendations on how you should go
about buying new golf equipment. Drivers you can

expect to pay anywhere between 300 and
400 dollars for a new driver these days

and this is for the top brands like
Titleist Ping Taylor Made Callaway

those type of brands there are gonna
have really expensive drivers that you

can that you can purchase and the reason
why they’re super expensive because all

the technology that’s put into the head
to eliminate spin and to get more

control off the tee next are the golf
sets now this is going to be the most

expensive purchase that you can make in
your golf bag golf sets cost anywhere

between 700 to over $1000 for a complete
set so you might be asking what is a

complete set a complete set is usually a
4 iron or 3 iron through pitching pitch

so that means that you go for the
complete set there 3 iron four iron five

iron six iron seven iron eight iron
nine iron pitching wedge that’s the

complete set and that’s why it’s super
expensive next up are wedges how much do

wedges cost wedges are ranging around
right now for the top brands around a

hundred dollars a wedge so that could be
like a 52-degree wedge a sand wedge so

like a 56-degree or a 60-degree lob
wedge so each one of those is usually

around $100 right now lastly putters

putters are also starting to get more
expensive they’re around $200 for a

brand new putter this kind of goes into
what type of brand you’re using and the

different type of model that you’re
using as well these days a lot of

putters come with like super stroke over
large grips they have adjustments on the

heads to adjust the weight to make sure
that your putting stroke is going as

straight back and straight through as
possible so there’s a lot of adjustments

that can be made to putting basically
moral all the story here with golf

equipment is that as technology grows
unfortunately the price is going to go

up as well because it’s going to the
goal is to help your game even more by

eliminating spin and trying
to get the golf ball to go straighter

when you make good contact if you’re
looking at everything here if you’re

coming from scratch and wanting
to get a brand new golf set you could be

looking at 1,500-$2000 dollar
range for all these new clubs even if

you throw the bag in there it gets
pretty expensive so for my beginning

golfers I don’t recommend jumping right
out there and getting everything

individually I know that’s kind of how
most people do it and because you have

the most customization a lot of people
like to get things separately but when

you’re first starting out I recommend
getting a beginning golf set beginning

golf set comes with a bag it comes with
the driver 3-wood hybrid gives you the

essential irons that you need comes
with the sand wedge or a pitching wedge

and then gives you a putter everything
that you need to get started right away

comes in that set and these range around
200 to 300 dollars so you’re saving

possibly over a thousand dollars just
from getting a beginning golf set

beginning starter set that you can get
out on the course right away start

building up your muscle memory building
up your skills before you start getting

into the customization of your new irons
or new driver new wedges that type of

stuff so again I recommend getting the
beginning golf set to start I’m gonna

post a link down below actually of my
recommendations and my

article down there and you can read more
about the beginning golf sets but that’s

really the way to go when you’re just
getting into golf is just get that

rhythm going get your confidence up and
then go for the more expensive golf

equipment hey guys so I hope this makes
sense as far as how much it’s gonna cost

to get new golf equipment hopefully you
learned a little bit again check out

that link down below and I’ll see you
guys next time

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