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How to Develop Rhythm & Tempo in Your Golf Swing

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Rhythm and tempo is the glue that not only makes a song melodious, but it’s what holds together the mechanics of the golf swing as well.

Even if you have perfect golf swing mechanics, without proper rhythm and tempo, it’s just going to be like a bunch of mechanical blocks that don’t work together, just like the song I demonstrated.

But, develop a smooth rhythm and tempo and your mechanics actually don’t have to be perfect as is evidenced on the PGA Tour where you see all kinds of mechanically weak swings that still produce great results – at least most of the time!

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19 thoughts on “How to Develop Rhythm & Tempo in Your Golf Swing

    1. ES14, We will be selling them on the site soon once we finish testing them to ensure accuracy.

    1. Thanks! I really think learning how to play a musical instrument and learning the golf swing have countless similarities

    1. Mixer8900 ya. Your tempo came out with a book in the 90s I think that discovered via counting video frames the average pace of the pros. They found that most swing back in 24 frames and down in 8 when viewed at 30fps. Some were 27 back and some were 21 but the 3:1 ratio was consistent

    2. Golf Instruction Thank you for this information! As a guitarist myself I really like this guitar approach to golf swing. Of cource the most important thing is to practise with a metronome. If I set metronome first to 60 bpm and I try to complete my backswing in three beats and dowswing in one and work from there towards 150 bpm (then each beat is 0.4 seconds long). Does that sound correct? How long does typical golfswing take?

    3. Mixer8900 that’s a good question. The main thing I know about it is that it takes 3x as long to complete the backswing as it does the downswing in most tour pros swings

    4. Golf Instruction I wonder what bpm I should set. If golfswing takes 1.6 seconds for example, then bpm should be 100 bpm and one beat is for backswing and other for downswing.

    5. There’s a device called Tour Tempo that takes this concept and makes it a golf training aid. They weren’t great sellers so we stopped carrying them but it’s a decent concept.

  1. I have an idea for your next short video. A down the line and face on rapid fire look at the fundamentals with key points. Kind of a 5′ demonstration to the 5′ to perfect drills. All stacked with short pauses. I’m trying to stack as many drills together as I can. Kind of a comprehensive check list video. It’s been on my RST wish list. I can piece the videos on the site all together when I’m doing the drills, but I have to stop and search as I’m going. And I’ve always wanted an “easy to find” down the line and face on of your golf swing. Thanks Chuck!

    1. Golf Instruction Yikes! I’ve been kind of dreading seeing it. I’m still doing several things wrong now, but I know when you did that video, I had a multitude of problems. I really think having easy access to your swing in slow motion both down the line and face on will be invaluable. I still have the hit with the right shoulder syndrome. It’s making me crazy.

    2. That’s a good idea. I’ve been wanting to do that with the full swing as well. BTW, your RoadShow lesson is being edited as we speak! Coming out next so stay tuned!

    1. Golf Instruction It’s sooooooooooo out of tune, that a musical genius couldn’t figure out what that was.

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