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How to Fix Your Entire Golf Swing in 1 Hour –

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See how we took this golfer from having no turn and no power, to having a tour quality backswing with tons of lag in just 60 minutes.

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11 thoughts on “How to Fix Your Entire Golf Swing in 1 Hour –

    1. Haha it’s so important to get right and simple when we focus on the fundamentals of RotarySwing

  1. Most instructive online lesson I have seen to date. I certainly identify with your student. If it is not already available, an entire video on over-use of the wrist in the backswing would be great to emphasize these teaching points even more.

    1. You can join for $12 a month. If you can’t afford $12 a month to dramatically improve your swing, how can you afford a sleeve of balls, a golf glove or a round of golf? All of which cost more than a membership to

    2. Unfortunately, not all of us can budget to belong to a golf site, as much as that might be helpful. We rely on the kindness of instructors like yourself to post on YouTube. So- any youtube videos on the overuse of wrists in the backswing that you might recommend. Thanks! Golf Instruction

    3. Thanks Leonard, we have lots of videos on the site on the wrists, just go type in “wrist” on in the search bar at the top, here’s one as an example:

  2. One length irons do NOT create one swing (unless you never use woods!)
    The moment you move up to your fairway woods and driver you have two swings, and then only if your three wood and driver are the same length too! It’s a false paradigm and a fashion that will surely fade away again. It just gives manufacturers a new way to sell more products. One thing is for sure, the golfer will never accept a driver the same length as his irons.

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