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How to Fix Your Golf Slice & Over the Top Golf Swing – Free Golf Lesson 13

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Sometimes, just about everything that can go wrong does, in life and our golf swings!

But, we can turn lemons into lemonade by using the very simple RST 5 Step System as you’ll see in today’s free golf lesson.

This student had a list of detrimental flaws, a very inside takeaway, a head that moved off the ball and up, a severe over the top downswing with an open club face, a flip at impact and a big ol’ chicken wing to boot! Whew! That’s a lot of things we gotta fix in one golf lesson!

RotarySwing to the rescue!

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11 thoughts on “How to Fix Your Golf Slice & Over the Top Golf Swing – Free Golf Lesson 13

  1. The coaching to have the shoulders square and parallel to the club on the ground is a bit confusing. Specifically, the notion that the club at the shoulders should also be level at that checkpoint. That means the shoulders are level, rather than the right shoulder being lower than the left (which is how Tour pros are usually positioned at impact). It seems like if you target having the shoulders be level at impact, you’d have to lose your tilt angle you had at setup. Maybe this guidance was given here to help simplify the concept of getting the shoulders square for this student (especially as he has trouble with shrugging his shoulders during the downswing)?

    1. Golf Instruction OK, thanks, found it. When I commented, I didn’t see any other comments on the video (maybe needed to refresh in my browser). Anyhow, you confirm it was as a teaching aid because of his tremendous tendency to shrug his shoulders. In fact, I now see at 54:25 that you specifically address this. Good stuff!

  2. Having watched all of these lessons, I have many of the same problems with poor weight shift, over rotation of the hips, poor loading at the top. I have been doing the backswing drills all the time. I have mirrors in various places and whenever I pass one, I do 10-15 swings. With no club, and the hands in the center praying position, I can do it just right most of the time. I can draw my trail shoulder blade way back behind my head and to the lead side. I feel loaded on the right side, etc.

    I can also get the weight shift and rotation to happen in transition (squat to square). Posting on the lead and straightening requires a bit more focus but it works. Chest and shoulders stay pretty square.

    I have done about 3000 reps of the above over the last 5 weeks.

    As soon as I try to let my left (lead) arm swing while doing this, it completely falls apart. The swinging arm seems to take over my brain and my turn gets shorter, I don’t get loaded on the rear foot. My shoulders want to open up before impact. And my lead leg will not straighten. I feel so uncoordinated trying to do this. I can’t seem to stack the first piece onto the basic drill with any success at all..

    I don’t know how to break through this barrier.

    1. If you add a piece and it causes the previous pieces to break down it means you either haven’t done enough reps before or that you’re completely losing your focus when you add the arm. Your left arm should be doing essentially nothing other than what the body tells it to do at this phase. You should still be focusing 100% on your body and if you do just having your arm extended out in front of your body should have zero impact

  3. I love video. For the first time I understood what it means to: hit the ball with you big muscles, squat to square and posting up. Applying what I took away from this video I began engaging my glutes. BTW, my left on are sore. My ratio of correct swings vs the incorrect swings is increasing. Best of all I, can swing clubs two hours without back pain. Every time I successfully put it all together on the practice range hitting balls, in my garage with and without hitting plastic balls and on the course, I love golf again.

  4. Tremendous video as usual. Have a question about shoulder plane and tilt which you may have answered by comparing the drills to the positions when swinging the club. Both the backswing rotation and the downswing in this individual seem to demonstrate a somewhat flat shoulder plane. Is this due to standing too tall without enough bend or something else? Where does shoulder tilt come into your approach to rotation? Many thanks.

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