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How to Increase Lag in 30 Minutes at ANY AGE – Free Golf Lesson 12

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Lag is critical in your golf swing, it makes up the majority of your club head speed.

The average tour pro swings his 6 iron around 91 mph. Three feet away from the ball, that club is only moving at around 25 mph!

Of course, the only way to multiply the speed in such a short span of space is the uncocking of the wrists – in other words, releasing lag.

Golf swing lag is a fundamental of RST and I’ll show you easy it is to dramatically increase your lag in this free golf lesson by RST Founder Chuck Quinton.

If you struggle with casting the golf club and want to increase your golf swing speed, then simply follow along with this free golf lesson to learn how!

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16 thoughts on “How to Increase Lag in 30 Minutes at ANY AGE – Free Golf Lesson 12

  1. Great video. I believe golfers have to much of a back swing thinking more power but then it’s so hard to rotate your body and swing forward towards the target.

    1. Yes we do. I’m guilty myself of wanting more power thinking a big backswing is how you get it and then get stuck or releasing to early because my body can’t rotate properly. My swing has change some much from understanding what the swing actually is and change needed to be made from great information like your proving. Keep up the great work.

    2. Thanks! It’s very difficult to hit balls with backswing thoughts, but we have to work on both at some point or another.

  2. Take away from this video seems to be that lag is an automatic effect of proper lower body moves. Please can we have a definition of LAG?

  3. How can you possibly give this a thumbs down?. a clear concise highly detailed lesson about impact and how to get there.these series of lessons are an absolute must watch for the many who struggle with misinformation and conflicting advice out there.Thank you…

  4. Another outstanding instruction video, Chuck. I’m curious, what’s on your golf related must-read list, besides the RST Manual (of course)? Looking for some post-op reading material.

    1. sabr686 thanks! Sorry I can’t help with any other reading. I don’t read anyone else’s stuff and haven’t read a golf related book in more than a decade

    1. Thanks Dyson! Ya it’s frustrating for golfers to hear “you’ve got such a great looking swing” all the while the student is thinking “I’m so frustrated”! Pretty doesn’t lead to power

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