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How To Match Your Arms And Body In The Swing

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Golf Tip – How to match your arms and body in the swing. Alistair Davies golf shares with you how to sync up your arms and body in the golf swing. Learn how to make your golf more consistent today.


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8 thoughts on “How To Match Your Arms And Body In The Swing

  1. It seems for me if I don’t turn my body to start the swing and the “triangle” of my shoulders, torso and arms doesn’t stay connected until my turn is complete I can’t generate enough power due to the lack of body becomes all arms and it’s a fake, incomplete shoulder turn for me and I end up coming over the top instead of inside and on plane.
    I like to stop my arms when the shoulder/torso turn is done and then start the downswing patiently and in sync and on plane…in a perfect world!
    I like to think the arms are a great part of the swing but I like them to be followers and not leaders or somehow they try and overtake the swing and I end up with an eventual weak shot!
    It’s a concept I struggle with but if I don’t rein the arms in they want to dominate.

  2. Just goes to prove people should not fixate on one way of doing things. I struggle to complete my backswing. Not a very flexible lower back, so I’ll see if this helps. Thank you.

    1. Definitely not Steve, different patterns and thoughts to suit different people. One size / style does not fit all. Good luck. Thanks al

  3. You make me realize something more than a [one piece take=away]. THIS IS AWSOME.
    Thank YOU Alistair! Have a great day!

  4. I like this tip because it is not designed for people who are as flexible as a PGA tour pro. So, the way I see it, is that I can establish & maintain triceps to pectoral contact at P1, or club shaft parallel to the ground and pointing at the target. Once I have that, I turn my body and move my arms until my body stops, and then, I start my downswing. I currently do this same drill by sticking a 4″ diameter, nerf ball under my right armpit and keeping it there until I’ve made contact. I believe that a consistent inside to out swing is a must for accurate golf. I also believe that the upper right arm must contact the right pec on the downswing, and, just as importantly, the right elbow must have a precisely defined destination on the downswing: the watch pocket on my jeans.

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