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How To Practice Golf!! Golf Monthly

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► In this video, Luke Peterken offers some great advice on how better to practice your golf game.

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7 thoughts on “How To Practice Golf!! Golf Monthly

  1. Record the plan and outcomes from training session – use only the balls you need for the training session and try to score it so there is a consequence – like on the course

  2. I went to the driving range today to work on my drives, but I had to stay on the mats and I think the rubber tees were too high, any ideas?

    1. Most mats have adjustable tee attachments from mats that match up with standard tees (orange/blue for driving).

    2. Often a problem… Did you look in any other bays for a shorter tee? Not much you can do in that scenario other than work on a different area of the game

  3. I like to leave some time between hitting shots – because you don’t hit one after the other when you’re playing. I also play clubs of different lengths because you also do that during play. I’ll hit a 3 hybrid and then a 9 iron and then back to a longer club. I have found it difficult to do that when actually playing, so I do it during practice now.

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