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I play golf with 50 YEAR OLD clubs – SURPRISING RESULTS!

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I play with VERY RARE 50 YEAR OLD golf clubs!
These clubs are the Ping K1 Karsten 1 irons that were produced in 1969 and are very very rare in this condition!
Thanks to Clitheroe GC for allowing me to us the course for filming.
It was in great condition.


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10 thoughts on “I play golf with 50 YEAR OLD clubs – SURPRISING RESULTS!

  1. Thanks for watching – *Question* Whats the oldest club in your current bag or that you own?

    *If you are NEW to my channel SMASH that subscribe button to stay connected!*

    1. The oldest club that I OWN is a hickory-shafted mashie niblick with dot-punched scoring markings on teh face. I estimate that it was made in the 1920s.

    2. The oldest club in my bag every round is a Taylormade TPA III putter that is about 28 years old. However, I have also collected clubs from models that I owned previously.

      I have 5 irons from the following models

      Wilson 1200LT (department store model) about 34 years old.
      Mizuno Altron about 33 years old
      Browning Classic Instrument – This one was really hard to find. Had to settle for an 8 iron. About 32 years old.
      Ping Zing 2 about 25 years old. Never could hit these well.
      Copy irons a friend built for me in ’94. Based on Titleist DCI irons of the era. Still have the full set. Great clubs. Paid him $157 for 3 thru PW. A little over 24 years old.

      Currently play G400s and Rogue driver and woods.

    3. Ping Zing 2 irons, and a ping anser 2 putter from circa 1990. After spending an eye watering amount of money on various new clubs I went back to the old set and found they out perform anything else I’ve purchased.

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