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John Arne Riise lifts the lid on Craig Bellamy golf club bust-up

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ABOUT: Craig Bellamy and John Arne Riise both scored for Liverpool in a famous 2-1 victory over Barcelona at the Nou Camp in 2007, but the pair were involved in a much uglier incident beforehand.John Arne Riise has revealed more about the astonishing moment a drunk Craig Bellamy swung a golf club at him after a prior argument.Excerpts are taken from Riise’s autobiography, Running Man, which is being serialised in .  Liverpool were staying at Barringtons and Spa hotel, in an exclusive resort called Vale do Lobo in the Algarve, before heading to play Barcelona in the last 16 of the .Captain Steven Gerrard had booked a private room at Monty’s Restaurant and Bar, complete with a karaoke machine. Liverpool’s trainers and managers weren’t around, which meant the players were allowed to have a couple of drinks. However, Riise says things got out of hand.After repeatedly trying to get John Arne Riise to perform karaoke, the Norwegian snapped at Craig Bellamy, saying ‘shut the f*** up or I’m gonna smash you!’To which Bellamy replied: ‘I’m gonna f****** kill you, you ginger c***!’  Riise left the bar and retired to his hotel room and went to sleep. Upon hearing the door to his room opening, he had assumed it was his roommate Daniel Agger. Instead, it was Craig Bellamy wielding a golf club, accompanied by Steve Finnan. ‘I woke in the dark to hear someone opening the door,’ writes Riise. ‘Obviously I thought it was Agger. I turned, but my eyes

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