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Jude Read 6 Free Golf Lessons

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Jude Read – 6 Free Golf Lessons

Jude Read – Senior PGA Professional at Manston Golf Centre in Thanet, Kent.

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I am a PGA Qualified Golf Professional. I offer golf tuition to golfers of all ages and abilities. at Manston Golf Centre, in Thanet, Kent. I coach using the very latest in golf technology.

I help people enjoy the wonderful game of golf. I understand the frustrations you experience on the golf course, whether it be a slice of the tee, diminishing distance or too many shots around the green.

I help people who play inconsistent golf overcome their challenges to play better golf. I have an holistic style of coaching as no people or swings are the same. I plan incremental improvements in technique and explaining why at every step. This learning process gives my students great understanding of what is needed to play better golf and allows them to focus on playing better golf resulting with a strong mental game that lasts.

I have successfully cured frustrations of many golfers who are now playing their best golf ever. My Pathway Program is based on achieving your goals and not just working on changing the golf swing. I look at your game as a whole as well as your course data and work to produce a plan to map your pathway to better golf.

I started to play golf at the age of 13 when I say I started to play it…..I was given an old golf club and I started by swinging a club in my back garden.

I became friends with the Professional staff at my local course where I caddied at the weekends and holidays, they gave me tips and I was like a sponge, I took all the advice and went to work on my game….in my back garden.

I would swing the club and practice my swing in my head all the time, I practiced so much I had to adopt my stance on two paving slabs and use a door mat to hit the plastic balls from, as I was just wearing out all the grass in the back garden, my mother was not at all pleased!

I turned professional when I was 20 years old in 1997 and spend the next few years training to become a Qualified PGA Professional and graduated in 2002. Since then I have coached 1000’s of golfers and have always believed that having a good set -up is the start of any process of playing better golf.

It’s not all about swinging the club like a tour professional, it’s what happens to the ball that is important.



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