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Live Lessons #2 with Allen Panuncio from TXG (FULL LESSON) 11/05/2018 – Grinding in the Width

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Small note, first time using my 2nd mic set and silly me forgot to make sure both mics were the same level, so you may hear Allen’s mic be a little louder. I have fixed it for future videos =P

Hope you guys can still enjoy lesson 2 with Allen, where we grind in the width and clear up some concepts with him. Helping us lead to a nice end of lesson when Allen hits some new highs in clubhead and ball speed with his 7-iron!!! =)

Check out for more golf swings and cool things!!!

Key points:
3:17 – Allen realizing grip was too loose for what we were trying to do
5:57 – Really exaggerating the backswing feel with Allen
7:20 – Allen feeling super straight arms and doing a better job of making the backswing we want =)
21:40 – Start adding in some speed, while trying to maintain backswing structure
30:13 – Refining the backswing more
34:50 – Allen seeing 90 mph clubhead speed for the first time with his 7-iron
39:10 – Last one of the day is the best one!!!

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9 thoughts on “Live Lessons #2 with Allen Panuncio from TXG (FULL LESSON) 11/05/2018 – Grinding in the Width

  1. Are you using soft golf balls in the lessons or is Allen using traditionally lofted irons maybe? Allen simply is not getting the distance I would expect. He swings faster than me (5-9 mph faster) but gets no more carry distance than I do. For a 85-90 mph head speed surely he should be carrying 160 to just under 170 yards every time, yet most of the time he was noticeably shorter than that

    1. +Larry Cheung Golf That explains it. Love the look of the p790s and hear a lot of good things about them. I hope Allen enjoys them – I am expecting 175+ yard carries from his 7i !!

    2. Justin Stephenson we always use real golf balls for the lessons 🙂 you’re right though, he could be getting more out of his clubspeed. He’s using old razr mb irons, shafts too heavy, with traditional lofts. He got new irons though, P790s which should help! 🙂

  2. Forget about my last comment. I was out on the DR today 5 degrees Celsius 🌞..My question. Keeping the right arm straight going back I still need the right arm to bend? I am not saying hinge. My ball flight started low….I went 65-70% torch and power on the backswing. So hinge and bend is my issue.

    1. Thx. I had some really great sensations. Especially when I tried keeping the right arm straight. Definitive more extension and different ball flight which started lower as opposed to when I hinge my ball flight sometimes has more spin if don’t manage to rotate well enough and compress the ball. Another funny part it feels different when the arm bends than I used to. Very interesting.

    2. B2B Bogey yes, no one has their right arm completely straight, different players will have varying amounts of right arm bend 🙂

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