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Live Lessons #4 with Wesley Kwok 03/08/2019 – Owning 180 Ballspeed and Beyond

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Lesson 4 with Wesley going as smooth as I can envision it!!! Last month we “touched” 180 ballspeed which was a big goal for us (a 179.x roundup to 180). In this session, we continue working at the moves that has brought us to this point, pushing Wes to test himself and accomplish what he thought wasn’t possible before!!! It was incredible to see him end the session with 18 straight drives at 180 ballspeed or more, topping out at 185.7!!! On to 190 now before the end of April!!!

Be sure to watch from lesson 1 to get a good idea of how the progression was made!!! =)

Check out … for more golf swings and cool things!!!

Key points:
2:49 – Looking at swing DTL and FO
9:40 – Start hitting drivers
11:58 – FO view driver
15:24 – 179.9 ballspeed, hahaha, new best
18:25 – 181.3 ballspeed, new best, first one ever officially over 180
19:33 – Very good here, FO view with great flow
20:05 – 180 ballspeed again, starting a good run with multiple shots 180+ ballspeed
34:06 – “Last one” 183.6 ballspeed new best, this is when things get real fun and he goes on a ridiculous tear!!!
38:37 – Digging deep, pushing himself to set new highs!!!
40:04 – Secret cue here :p
40:55 – Another secret cue 😉
41:33 – “Last one” hitting 185.7 ballspeed, new best and big milestone
44:01 – Real last one, 184 ballspeed, ending the session with 18 in a row 180+ ballspeed drives

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11 thoughts on “Live Lessons #4 with Wesley Kwok 03/08/2019 – Owning 180 Ballspeed and Beyond

  1. Hey Larry! I have heard that vertical jumping ability is highly correlated to the potential of SS output (technique and sequencing dependent of course) {Reference to TPI}
    Have you noticed anything like this while working with your clients?

    I don’t have access to any great launch monitors ATM. But I would imagine my SS is around the 120 mark;,But I have a 40”+ vertical and feel like I have a ton of explosiveness left in the tank to be used with proper technique and sequencing.

    1. I think having the ability to vertical jump definitely increases the ceiling for speed potential, but an important thing is to be able to blend that vertical power with the rotational and get that energy out into the club and ball =)

  2. Is the efficiency number the same as smash factor in Trackman? His number seems quite low compared to the other numbers you’re showing for him

    1. Larry Cheung Golf ah right thanks for the explanation. Just discovered your videos yesterday, really like your coaching style! Keep up the great content

    2. It’s the same number but reads differently, 1.45 is pretty much as good as it gets on GCQuad with the odd 1.46 and 1.47 and those are real rare =)

  3. Well done Wesley and Larry! Great improvement and the swing looks so tight. I live in the UK, but would definitely see Larry if I was over there. Different veiw on the swing and so simple. Top stuff!!!

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