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Live Lessons with Allen Panuncio from TXG (FULL LESSON) – Lesson 1, Getting Wider

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Some small technical difficulties in this video where my laptop decides to restart itself so my screen capture got fried, so apologies for no screen cap for the first half of the video. This is also the last lesson video I filmed with no second mic set as my second mic set was on order during the time of this filming.

Hope you guys can still enjoy and get something out of this, this was lesson 1, in most cases when someone wants to get better, we first work on the backswing first to give ourselves a better chance at making a good downswing. So in this case, Allen being very narrow at the top, we worked hard on getting wider and making sure he understood the feel he needed for when he practiced on his own before lesson 2! =)

Key points:
9:05 watching and analyzing Allen’s swing on video DTL
10:12 watching and analyzing Allen’s swing on video FO
10:37 prescribing his first feel change
12:47 comparing Allen’s before and swing after first try DTL
13:38 top of backswing comparison collage
14:27 comparing Allen’s before and swing after first try FO
18:03 exaggerating Allen through his backswing feels
21:40 showing Allen the feel he needs
24:40 screen caps will come up again after computer finishes its restart

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14 thoughts on “Live Lessons with Allen Panuncio from TXG (FULL LESSON) – Lesson 1, Getting Wider

  1. Great video Larry, and good luck with the swing Allen. Larry, how many days do you typically put between lessons when your working with someone? I’d like to come up from Wisconsin, go to TXG for a fitting and some new equipment, and see you once or twice. Just wondering if I can squeeze that all in 3 or 4 days.

    1. Wes Langkau thanks 🙂 to answer our question, there is no typical, some clients who come from far away I may see them for 2 hours one day then 2 hours the next morning. Others I may see them 4 times in 1 week. Depends on what they want to get out of it 🙂

  2. Many thanks Larry for sharing this coaching vid with Allen, it will be interesting to see how his swing develops in the forthcoming lessons. I’m currently recuperating at home recovering from a Heart Attack last week, so I’m really looking forward to your vids to stop me from getting too bored.

    1. Many thanks Tim that is very king of you, luckily I’m on the mend now and desperate to get out playing again (hopefully in the new year).

  3. If I follow your numbers correctly a 9 mph club head increase with good efficiency leads to roughly an extra 12-15 yards of carry. That would mean the 7i going 170 yards for me and an 8i being about 158 yards.

    That is a complete extra club of distance – wow, that is definite encouragement to get out to the practice range and book some more lessons.

    Oddly I get a 155 yard carry with a 7i already but I swing at 77 mph – I guess my M1s have lower lofts on them than Allen’s

    1. Justin Stephenson mmhmm, almost all my clients gain at least 1 club in distance at least 🙂 so I’m looking forward to seeing what Allen and I can do!

    1. Rodney Greenwell the straight feel is a feel, will never be completely straight, I do think he can get his right arm longer though in the big picture, we will see how it looks in lesson 2!!!

    2. Got it very good improvement from his first swing to his last few. Carry distance was very much improved but his right arm always looked bent from the camera angle and he never seemed to shorten his swing and keep his right arm straight as you wanted him to

    3. Rodney Greenwell haha, I teach at a simulator facility that has 7 bays and other customers there, they have tv running all the time 🙂

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