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Live Lessons with Matt Blois from TXG (FULL LESSON) 11/01/2018 – Sequence Work

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In this live lesson, Matt and I continue to improve his swing, cleaning up a bit of his backswing. Before diving into some sequence work to help him sync things up again. Clean up the sloppiness he was experiencing in the last couple weeks with the season ending here in Toronto. Got his speed back and setting ourselves back on track to try to get to 180 ballspeed before the New Year!!! =)

Key Points:
2:40 – Too much hip turn for Matt, and then the feel we want him to do
7:23 – Swing with better backswing feel, and comparing to the before
13:35 – Introducing drill for Matt for his sequencing
15:27 – Face on of Matt doing drill
17:45 – Face on of Matt doing drill again, even better!
18:20 – Down the line of Matt doing drill
27:19 – Face on of Matt piecing things together in a one-motion swing
39:19 – Good example of a very high-speed player who gets his speed out nicely
39:27 – High speed senior player that doesn’t look like he swings fast at all

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7 thoughts on “Live Lessons with Matt Blois from TXG (FULL LESSON) 11/01/2018 – Sequence Work

  1. Interested to hear Matt’s opinion on how this approach is similar/different than Shawn Clement’s, who he filmed for so long. From previous videos I feel like Clement would be saying, “stop worrying about body positions.”

  2. Great video Larry! You worked the hell outta Matt!! You worked Matt so hard – I had to pause the video mid-way and go drink me a Powerade! lol

    1. Michael Garrett thanks! Haha, I like to do what I can to encourage my clients to push for new bests!!! Then try to push continuously see how many new bests we can do before the season starts!!! 🙂

  3. Well I wonder if Matt slept well after this one or did he dream of being in a row boat and Larry wanting to go water skiing. Come on Matt Faster! Larry what goal did Matt project to you before entering the Thunderdome? Enjoying your channel Larry congrats on the 1000 subs!

    1. WhiskerRub haha thanks! Onto 2000 next!!! When we started in may I told him I’m going to help him get to 180! But the more important thing is he dropped to a 1 handicap from 6! 🙂

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