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Malaska Golf // Hitting Lesson – Driving the Ball in Baseball and Golf

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This last week I was fortunate to spend time with hitting coach Nate at the D-Bat in Mesa, AZ. Call it World Series fever or whatever, I love getting back to my baseball roots and looking at how the two sports compliment one another.

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Thinking about baseball and golf, you don’t want to square the bat with the wrong part of your body. Same goes with golf. Keep your shoulders parallel as long as possible. It’s all about your hands. Don’t get your lower body moving in towards the ball. There are several things that crossover from baseball to golf and will improve your swing in both if you understand the correct movements.

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5 thoughts on “Malaska Golf // Hitting Lesson – Driving the Ball in Baseball and Golf

  1. Thanks for all your videos Mike. I’ve watched alot of them on your channel and also where i first ran across you over on Brandon’s Be Better Golf. Question i have on this video is how to incorporate what i see as one of the big points of this video which is the feel of the left elbow moving towards the pitcher. The “Malaska Move” is more of a hands down move and i think that is effectively about the same as moving the elbow towards the pitcher. So maybe it’s a matter of preference as to which might feel better for a particular person. However if i try the elbow towards the pitcher action, what should i really be trying to do or avoid doing in order to properly get that feel. I wouldn’t want to incorrectly work on that move in the way that some mistakenly try the “Malaska Move” while using shoulder turn. Thanks again Mike, i’m really excited to really apply the things you talk about come spring time in north central illinois.

  2. Thanks mike, in fact, I am a ten finger baseball grip golfer.
    Would like to see you make more on this baseball golfing topic.

  3. Hitting a baseball is the toughest things to do, a round object hitting another round object while moving at high speed. The sweet spot is so small. Like the analogy with golf.

  4. Mike, love your golf stuff, can’t wait for the Stanley Cup playoffs and what that will provide, BUT I prefer you to stick to golf, you are excellent at that 🙂

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