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My Golf Lesson With Chris Ryan Golf!

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My Golf Lesson With Chris Ryan Golf! Chris Ryan is one of the best Golf Coaches in the country and has over 100,000 YouTube subscribers on his channel. I’m going for a lesson to see if I can make my game better. Even as a Pro I think it’s important to be working on your game and trying to improve your golf. Even if I have no handicap to drop! If you haven’t already make sure you go check out Chris’ awesome content
Twitter – @chrisryangolf
Instagram – chrisryangolf

Thanks for watching guys! Let’s do it! And let’s do it now!

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6 thoughts on “My Golf Lesson With Chris Ryan Golf!

  1. Yeah see this is a good coach simple not changimg natural things and working with what u have to get touch better, and no ego either yeah good coaching this

  2. As someone who has recently had a lesson in which one of the keys was to be slightly closer to the ball I can definitely confirm it is really hard to get used to the new feeling

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