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ON THE GOLF COURSE – Intervale Country Club – Golf Excursion #4 2017

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READ THE BLOG FOR THIS ROUND AT — 2:50 Teeing off on the first hole. — 11:35 Out-Takes

This video is part of membership program. All golf tips and instruction done on the golf course are geared toward beginner golfers, women golfers, senior golfers and high handicappers. This video blog is meant to be basic and simple so as to not overwhelm or complicate playing the game of golf.
Reminder: The most important rule on the golf course is to have Fun!




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Tee-Time with the Thompsons

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5 thoughts on “ON THE GOLF COURSE – Intervale Country Club – Golf Excursion #4 2017

  1. 0:42. And so today we witness history. Today we see a glove return to Teresa’s right hand.
    Teresa “two gloves” Thompson is back! No more blisters now.
    And wouldn’t you know it. The very first day she puts on two gloves again, she sinks that chip for a birdie. Hahahaha! Best shot of the day.
    This validates my decision to keep using two gloves myself. I currently have Calloway x tech gloves myself, but use I say use whatever feels right. Different strokes for different folks. Pun intended.
    I also like that you included the scene of Teresa buying a new glove. Good behind the scenes material. And I also feel Teresa’s pain of losing mine. I had to replace some lost gloves recently. I just opened up my golf bag and all of my golf gloves and golf tees (thankfully not my clubs though) were gone. I have no idea where they went.
    Thanks for posting. Have a good day.

    1. Yep, Americans who use two gloves are indeed in the minority. And it does become a bit expensive if you have to buy two gloves every time instead of just one. That is an unavoidable downside. But, you do avoid blisters and, as we see with players like Tommy Gainey, those who use two gloves can also be champions.
      Also, now I know your preferred brand is Footjoy. Was a little curious about that.
      My preferred golf glove brand was Etonic (and I had a bunch of them), but the particular gloves I used from them (the ones that all disappeared) seem to have now been discontinued so I had to switch to another model of glove (I now have the Calloway x tech gloves, but I have yet to try using them for 18 holes.). Hopefully the x tech gloves will prove to be decent. Fingers crossed.
      Happy golfing to you also Teresa. I’m glad I subscribed to this channel.
      I hope you and Matt have a good day. Peace.

    2. Sorry about your gloves and tees Final – but I’m glad your clubs are safe!! I really do prefer wearing two gloves – so I’m happy to hear someone else prefers it as well. Thanks for the continued support. I appreciate the encouragement. Happy Golfing! -Teresa

    3. Looks like Teresa has a new nickname. 🙂 And yes…use 2 gloves if you like it. Whatever works for you!
      Thanks for watching! We appreciate the feedback.

  2. I hope you enjoy the video. If you like the video, give it a ‘thumbs up’ — And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel 😉

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